Windows and Updates

Almost every day i read about angry sysadmins who think windows is installing updates automatically. But other users who are… not able to execute these operations? They cant install updates of won’t because they don’t know how it works. So there is a dilemma between two user groups. You have the professionals and the non professionals. So what should we do about the update story?

Well this is my theory: Why is Windows (or linux, or mac or any other OS) not offering a Expert and a Non Expert mode? The Expert mode contains all sorts of options to handle updates. So you can select what kind of updates you want and what not. The non expert mode contains no options and just installs all the updates you need to keep your system running and secure.

Problem of Solution? I don’t know. Possibly this option has already passed the Microsoft board so i don’t think i am very original.

Greetz, Ruben.