Why Spam in an Issue - a Graphical Representation

In the past few weeks I’ve been working on a (python) script that is able to analyze log files. A feature I find quite interesting to use is a combination between Google Maps and GeoIP. These two allow you to make a graphical representation of all the IP’s found in the input (file). The image below is the map my tool generated using the spam IP blacklist database (source: http://spam-ip.com/spam-blacklist.php; date:9/12/2011). It is fun and also disturbing to see how many hosts (312505 IP’s) are active in sending spam all over the world.

Google maps image

Cheers, Ruben.

Resources, spam-ip.com, google-maps, max-mind.com (geoip) PS: I’ll see if I can make my tool public. But first it needs some cleaning up ;).