Snorby 2.5.0 Update

Snorby 2.5.0 was just released:

  • New Search UI

  • New saved search feature

  • New Session View

  • Fixed classification logic

  • Mass classification Job Queue optional

  • Major Bug fixes / UI Improvements

  • Note: Make sure to run bundle exec rake snorby:update

    • id column added to event table

    • Agg view table added

    • events_wtih_join view added

Here is how you update your current installation:

  1. Backup all your own config files (just to be sure move them outside your snorby dir)
  2. git pull origin master
  3. bundle install —deployment
  4. Move your config files back
  5. rake snorby:update
  6. service apache2 restart


Cheers, Ruben.