As most web devs the things that frustrate me are the differences between all the major browsers, and people running outdated browsers. The first one is rather difficult and time consuming to take up. But the second one is not.

So I had a look around.

There are several services that can tell you if your browser is up-to-date. There are several services that have a “widget” that you can use on your own website to inform your visitors they are running an outdated browser. And there are several services that will give you some documentation on how to install the available updates.

But I was unable to find a site that had all of these things.

That’s why I created:

The concept behind is very easy. will tell its visitors if their update status of their browser. Visitors can get this information via the home page or via the “notification bar”.

The notification bar is a very simple JavaScript application that you can add to your own website. The notification bar will only show up for people who are running an outdated browser. For more information about the notification bar check out

If detects an outdated browser it will link the visitor to the relevant ‘Update Instructions’.

Getting all the browsers in the world right will take a bit of time but at the moment I’m covering all the major browsers both on desktop and on mobile. I’m also collecting user-agents that are not being detected and I’ll make sure they are added to the list asap (if relevant of course). But feel free to contact me if you want me to add a specific device or if you spot any major detection errors. You can find my contact details here.

Hope you find this useful.

Cheers, Ruben.